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Assignment Manager

This is an assignments manager which are created using Javafx1.8 (But later migrated to Javafx14). The project is created using the Maven to manage the build process. The project used Derby, which is an RDBMS that could be used with the Java program. The program could let its user be able to distinguish the available assignment by sorting the assignment according to their due date. As well as the different background colour for different assignment status (still got time left, already due, and almost times up)



start-up of the program

Example when there's record in the database

example view when there's record in database

Adding new Assignment into the database

Adding data into the manager

Editing existing Assignment data

Editing existing data


If you have any question or suggestion regarding the project, feel free to contact me or open up an issue. If you found any bugs in the program, please contact me if you can. Thanks :D