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@NemirovD NemirovD released this Apr 27, 2017

First Release

This is the first release of the Leucippus atomic detection plugin for the ImageJ
image processing and analysis suite.

Currently, the release has only been tested with Ubuntu 16.04.


This installation guide assumes that you already have ImageJ installed and
working. It is important that you have run ImageJ at least once before trying
to install the plugin as the ImageJ plugin folder is not created until then.
If you do not then you can find ImageJ available on many package managers.


If you are using apt for your package manager you can easily install all of these
using the command:

sudo apt install python python-numpy python-scipy python-opencv python-networkx

If you are not using apt or you are using a virtual environment you will need to
find the correct packages from your package manager to properly run the code.

Final Installation

After installing all prerequisite packages copy the files in the plugins folder
this release to ~/.imagej/plugins. Once you have done that the program should be ready to use.

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