A music notation parser for the font with the same name
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Cavatina is a parser and translator for the typeface of the same name. It parses rich text files (.rtf) and plain text files (.txt) and can translate to MusicXML and MIDI output per music21.

For more information about the Cavatina font visit http://cavatinafont.com. The Documentation page contains the syntax specification.

Currently supported keyboard layouts are: British, British (Apple), German, Italian, Portugese (Brazil), Portugese, Portugese (Apple), Spanish, Spanish (ISO) and US (International). When in doubt, check the Keyboard Layouts section of the homepage.

Common commands:

$ python rtf2xml.py [path] [format]

$ python translator.py [string] [format]

Installation (desktop / cavatina)

Double click on installer.command or do

$ python setup.py install

You can also install the library with pip via the usual pip install cavatina.


  • music21


The services folder contains right-click menu shortcuts for the translator.

  • To install the MacOS Services run ./setup.sh on the same folder as the workflow folders.
  • On Windows just double click on each registry file.


This content is © 2014 Alexis Luengas and released under the GNU LGPL license https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html.