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Wolfenstein 3D using today's tech.
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This is a rewrite of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D in C++11 and OpenGL 3.2. It is currently far from complete or even playable, but I'm working on that. In theory, it will run on any system that has a C++11 compiler and an OpenGL 3.2 driver, but no promises. I would like to thank Michael Liebscher without whose work on Wolf3DRedux none of this would have been possible. (Seriously, have you looked at the original game's source?!)



You'll need a copy of Premake4 in order to generate project files for your platform/situation. If you're on OSX and want to use XCode4, you'll need to grab a copy of premake4.4beta. Be sure to run the "Validate project settings" option and let it switch to Clang; llvm-gcc doesn't support C++11.
You'll also need a copy of retail Wolf3D's WL6 files that you can run WolfExtractor on in order to get wolf.pak. Wolfextractor comes bundled with Wolf3DReudx and the WL6 files can be easily obtained from the Steam Download Service*.
Place the wolf.pak file in the game folder (if it doesn't exist, run premake first!) along with any shared libraries (glew.dll etc) that aren't in your system's library path. Assuming nothing goes wrong, the makefiles in Build/ should dump WulfGame(.exe) into that folder, which you can then run.
* I am aware that a version the game is now available for free at, but I don't think it's legal to rip the assets out of it and in any case they're in a (currently) incompatible format.

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