Latest release


@bk138 bk138 released this Dec 30, 2016 · 160 commits to master since this release

  • Overall changes:
    • LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient development now uses continous intregration,
      provided by TravisCI.
  • LibVNCClient:
    • Now initializes libgcrypt before use if the application did not do it.
      Fixes a crash when connection to Mac hosts
    • Various fixes that result in more stable handling of malicious or broken
    • Removed broken and unmaintained H264 decoding.
    • Some documentation fixes.
    • Added hooks to WriteToTLS() for optional protection by mutex.
  • LibVNCServer:
    • Stability fixes for the WebSocket implementation.
    • Replaced SHA1 implementation with the one from RFC 6234.
    • The built-in HTTP server does not allow directory traversals anymore.
    • The built-in HTTP now sends correct MIME types for CSS and SVG.
    • Added support for systemd socket activation.
    • Made it possible to get autoPort behavior with either ipv4 or ipv6
    • Fixed starting of an onHold-client in threaded mode.


@bk138 bk138 released this Oct 21, 2014 · 272 commits to master since this release

  • Overall changes:
  • LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient:
    • Fixed some security-related buffer overflow cases.
    • Added compatibility headers to make LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient build on native
      Windows 8.
    • Update LZO to version 2.07, fixing CVE-2014-4607.
  • LibVNCServer:
    • Merged patches from KDE/krfb.
    • Can now do IPv6 without IPv4.
    • Fixed a use-after-free issue in scale.c.