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LibreRouter hardware repository
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librerouter source router repo.


librerouter actual photo

The librerouter is divided in 2 boards:

  • core: contains all the more integrated components, namely: cpu, memory, storage, watchdog. Facilitates the access to the pinouts of the cpu and keeps all the most integrated circuitry in one board.
  • mega board: contains the peripheral connectors.

The fabrications files and support documentation can be found in doc/ and design files in design.

This hardware works great with the software.

More photos can be downloaded from

Quick Specs

Element Description
Flash 16MiB SPI-NOR
ETH QCA8337N 2x 10/100/1000 PoE and PoE pass-through
WiFi2 QCA9558 (bgn) 2T2R
WiFi5 2x mPCIE with AR9582 (an) 2T2R
BTN 1x Reset
GPIO multiple GPIO on header, PoE passthrough enable
UART 3.3V 115200N8 header on the board
WDG ATTiny13 watchdog
JTAG header on the board
USB 1x connector and 1x header on the board
PoE 10-32V input in ETH port 1, passthrough in port 2
GPS with PPS
mPCIE 2x populated (but replaceable with compatible mPCIE board)
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