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*Http:// 2.0 * for our basic wiki, place to store code (under development, seeking moderator/ team, intern positions available, see

FACEBOOK: Http://,,

(Page Content by,,, Tethered Towers text: Michael Laine)


  1. Tethered Towers Weather Balloon system



  4. OPEN SOURCE CUBE SAT (our group is in progress, but see what the #spaceapps challenge group has come up with already. Check out with ArduSat!

  5. (looking for lego space elevator designs for contest) for animated clip

  6. LIFTPORTAL SPACE ELEVATOR EDUCATION PORTAL DRAFT FAN ART at, and making mobile app for educational, competitions, internships listing for space education and lunar elevator like example WIDGET: (Working on data visualization, especially for ribbons data)

Mobile apps with LUNAR SPACE ELEVATOR and draft content Liftport.apk by sympan (

  1. LiftPortal: Lunar Education Mobile App (i haven't seen it tested yet.) (see entry for Earth Day and Virtual)

  1. APPS SHOWCASE: iFolio showcase for apps, websites or powerpoints

(working on demo project for disabled astronomy photographer. Michael John Hutchinson to support his getting a new camera to support his eclipse photographs. Submitted to for article SEEKING DEVELOPER to add SPRINGER API images with search

  1. VIDEO CHANNEL: working with


MEDIA MASH by 5/29 using (your app should be submitted to the relevant app store for review by the submission deadline)


HTTP:// (final 32), (finalist, kickstarter) (acellerator entry)!/PennyForNASA (contact us if you sign, 10 signatures and we get a link on thier page.

### *SUPPORT: * Corporation (kickstarter coming soon) (GA nonprofit, apply for credit card, used goodshop and goodsearch) Community Safety Programs (MN nonprofit) ASU Lunabotics space based solar power beaming (coming soon)



SAN DIEGO IDEAS APPS:CLOSED: for at for with competition resources on Facebook page, top 8

HTTP://SPACEAPPSCHALLENGE.ORG: Entry FOR 4/22 event. Join @space apps challenge virtual at http:// FacebookLiftPotal for resources or founder matching. Materials at


Live event at Ap 21-2, see fb for virtual location partners.

assisting with (they did 5 entries!) (closed, entry for trip to space) SWATCH Art Design (closed) art at

PARTNERS: Startup America 100 board of advisors

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