An SMTP client for WinRT. Send emails from within your Windows 8 and Windows Phone app.
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SMTP client for Windows Store

An SMTP client for Windows Store apps (WinRT and UWP). Send emails from within your Windows Universal App.


You can download and build this project or simply install it via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package lightbuzz-smtp

This requires the 'internetClient' Capability to be enabled in the Package.appxmanifest of the universal app.


Import the assembly to your project and include its namespace:

using LightBuzz.SMTP;

Send an email message

This is an example of using your own SMTP server. Check below for using Gmail and Outlook.

using (SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("", 465, false, "", "Pa$$w0rd"))
        EmailMessage emailMessage = new EmailMessage();

        emailMessage.To.Add(new EmailRecipient(""));
        emailMessage.CC.Add(new EmailRecipient(""));
        emailMessage.Bcc.Add(new EmailRecipient(""));
        emailMessage.Subject = "Subject line of your message";
        emailMessage.Body = "This is an email sent from a WinRT app!";
        await client.SendMailAsync(emailMessage);

Credentials for Gmail

Port: 465
SSL: True

Important Note for Gmail

Since this does not use OAUTH2, Gmail considers this a "less secure app". To use this with Gmail, the "Access for less secure apps" setting on the account will have to be changed to "Enable".

Credentials for Outlook

Port: 587
SSL: False (upgarde SSL after STARTTLS)


Blog post

Read the detailed post by Sebastien here.


You are free to use these libraries in personal and commercial projects by attributing the original creator of the project. View full License.