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For questions and community discussion, please drop them in the Light Table Google group. Also check out #lighttable in Freenode IRC.


When filing a bug on GitHub, please help us help you by including the following:

  • Steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Your operating system, LT and relevant plugin versions.
  • Relevant configuration in your user.keymap and user.behaviors.
  • Error messages you see in your console. In your menu, selectView > Commands and then search for and execute the Console: Open the console in a tab command. Go to the console tab and copy and paste its errors.

Note: The issue tracker is for LightTable bugs. Bugs for a specific language should go in its plugin repository e.g. Clojure, JavaScript and Python. Questions should be asked on the Light Table Google group.

Feature Requests

If a feature is specific to a library, language or is something that is normally a plugin in other editors, please add it to the wishlist. For other features, feel free to discuss in an issue. Be aware that Light Table has a plugin system that has the same degree of power that any core code does. This means that as a user, you usually have the ability to add any feature you desire without waiting on Light Table to implement it! Having such a powerful plugin system allows us to keep a small, well maintained Light Table core while encouraging a large ecosystem of plugins.


Hello! Thanks for your interest in Light Table. Things you can do to make Light Table even more awesome 🌅 🐨 ❗️

Code Contributions

By contributing code to Light Table, you are agreeing to release it under the MIT License.

If it's your first time contributing, we'd love to have you :). Be sure to check out our contributing tutorial.

When contributing:

  • Check out issues that are ready to be worked on. Feel free to ping a contributor if you need help along the way.
  • For any other contributions, please discuss with us as early as possible. We want your hard work to count.
  • Please add docstrings to non-trivial functions that are added. Most existing code doesn't have this but we'd like to improve this.
  • We are not currently seeking refactoring contributions or code convention tweaks e.g. whitespace. This may change at a later point when we have automated tests and an explicit code convention.
  • We are not seeking contributions to script/ or deploy/ (core team only)
  • For contributions to a vendored dependency, they must be sent upstream and then we can update to the new version.
  • For plugins and files that come from CodeMirror, usually under codemirror/, we do not take pull requests. Instead, send a pull request to CodeMirror. Once they release a new version we can upgrade it on a plugin. Thanks!