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Cant host yourself? Go here!

installer: http://ps4exploits.darksoftware.xyz/5.05/Update-Blocker-Extreme/

Uninstaller: http://ps4exploits.darksoftware.xyz/5.05/UB-Uninstaller/

Feature of the Installer

  1. Creates a Directory for every possible Update Directory and even where the Update extracts itself ALL of them are labelled here https://pastebin.com/rjBSbdtH
  2. Backs Up App.db AND notifaction.db to USB0
  3. Backs up CA_LIST.cert (added to USB/deletedstuff) then Deletes it from the PS4
  4. remount ALL Partitions
  5. (Dev Purposes) Copys the WHOLE Directory USB/UP_Block to /update/
  6. Spoofs the PS4 FW (a.k.a VR)
  7. can decrypt any system elf
  8. has FTP

Feature of the UNInstaller

  1. Deletes Directories made to Block Updates see list below https://pastebin.com/rjBSbdtH
  2. Restores App.db AND notifaction.db from Both USB1 and USB0 (ROOT ONLY)
  3. Restores CA_LIST.cert from USB/deletedstuff (Both USB1 and USB0 Supported)
  4. remount ALL Partitions
  5. (Dev Purposes) Copys the WHOLE Directory /update/ to /USB/UP_Block
  6. Spoofs the PS4 FW back to normal


Q: Why hasnt it dumped app.db to my USB?

A: it ONLY dumps to USB0 (one by the BD Drive)

Q: Will the uninstaller uninstall the reg. Update Block too?

A: yes

Q: How do i get back my CA_List.cert if i deleted the "deletedstuff" folder?

A: Format your HDD and Reinstall your FW

Q: How do i copy a whole directory to /update/?

A: make a folder on your USB called "Up_Block" anything it is will be copied to /update/

Q: Is this Permanent?

A: All the directories and copied files are

Q: Where is this hosted??

A: you can install it here http://ps4exploits.darksoftware.xyz/5.05/Update-Blocker-Extreme/


  1. Flatz
  2. XVortex
  3. Sistro
  4. Joonie
  5. anyone else i forgot