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This repository is the source for It is a static website built with Jekyll along with Linaro's seriously_simple_static_starter theme.


To simplify the development process, a pre-built Docker container is used that has all of the tools and libraries required. That simplifies the prerequisities to just needing to install Docker on your computer in order to build this website using the provided tools.

  • Change into the directory of the cloned repository
  • Run the script

That will download the container if it isn't already on your computer and then build the site. There are various environment variables that can be set to override the default behaviour of the build process. Documentation for this can be found at

Documentation for the theme used by the website can be found at

IMPORTANT! If you change Gemfile, you must create a Pull Request against and update the Dockerfile to match the new gem requirements for this site. If this is not done before creating a Pull Request for your changes on this repository, the web site will likely not build.


_data/routingrules.json contains redirect rules that are deployed to Lambda@Edge to deliver fast redirects. It is parsed and deployed using


To contribute to this site, please raise an issue in Github or open a pull request against the master branch.

If the build of the pull request is successful, a preview website will be available for the changes to be reviewed. The link to the website will be provided in the Pull Request.