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ELBE is the E.mbedded L.inux B.uild E.nvironment. It can be used to build embedded Linux Rootfilesystems based on Debian packages.

ELBE runs on Debian Linux Host Systems. Currently, the oldest supported release is Debian 10 buster. You can build any Debian-based system with at least apt version 1.4, which is fulfilled with Debian 9 stretch.

Software Dependencies

If using ELBE from git repository directly, you’ll need the following packages installed:

apt install python3 python3-debian python3-mako python3-lxml python3-apt \
    python3-gpg python3-suds python3-libvirt qemu-utils qemu-kvm p7zip-full \
    make python3-passlib libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system debian-archive-keyring

Crash Course

  1. use an Elbe XML file (e.g. from /usr/share/doc/elbe/examples or examples/ in the elbe source tree)

  2. run "./elbe initvm create ./examples/armhf-ti-beaglebone-black.xml

    • This command creates an initvm directory in the current working directory,

    • installs and starts a virtual build environment

    • within this build environment the beaglebone-black image will be built

    • after the build finished the build results will be copied into elbe-build-<TIMESTAMP>

  3. copy the rfs to a sdcard: sudo dd if=elbe-build*/sdcard.img of=/dev/mmcblk0