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This repository contains a simple implementation of most XCTAssert macros to use in a Playground.

With the Playground feature that display the result of an executed line, it will show the assert result like this: screenshot

I use this to do TDD directly inside a Playground and then move the code as-is inside my test files.

It contains a XCTestCase base class that, when instantiated, will run all methods with names beginning with "test", to mimic XCTestCase behaviour and make moving the code to your Xcode project easier.

How to install it in an existing playground

Simply add the XCTestPlayground.swift file to your Playground Sources folder.

Using it directly

The repo contains a fully configured Xcode workspace containing a playground importing XCTestPlayground. All you have to do is:

  1. clone the repo
  2. build the framework on a 64-bit target (e.g. iPhone 5s simulator)
  3. go and play in the XCTestPlaygroundExample playground! 🎉

Swift version

Xcode 9 has been released and since the playgrounds in this version uses swift 4 tools intended to be used inside them should use this version.
Nevertheless, if you want to use XCTestPlayground with previous versions of Xcode, you can still checkout the last commit using the Swift 2.2 version: af05981c214a3a5ac1fa7b298787d517100db868