A NodeJS wrapper around ffprobe
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FFProbe for NodeJS

A simple wrapper around ffprobe written in NodeJS

This module requires ffmpeg to be installed before it can function. The ffmpeg package comes bundled with ffprobe.


sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
npm install node-ffprobe


var probe = require('node-ffprobe');
probe.FFPROBE_PATH = '/path/to/ffprobe'; //optional
var track = '/path/to/media/file.mp3';

probe(track, function(err, probeData) {

FFPROBE_PATH is useful if you embed the lib in your app.

Calling probe will execute ffprobe and parse the data it sends to STDOUT. A sample object can be seen below.

The streams, format, and metadata fields are taken directly from ffprobe. probe_time is the total execution time for the given file.

	"filename": "Before We Dissolve.mp3",
	"filepath": "/path/to/media",
	"fileext": ".mp3",
	"file": "/path/to/media/Before We Dissolve.mp3",
	"probe_time": 642,
	"streams": [
			"codec_name": "mp3",
			"codec_long_name": "MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3)",
			"codec_type": "audio",
			"codec_time_base": "0/1",
			"codec_tag_string": "[0][0][0][0]",
			"codec_tag": "0x0000",
			"sample_rate": 44100,
			"channels": 2,
			"bits_per_sample": 0,
			"r_frame_rate": "0/0",
			"avg_frame_rate": "1225/32",
			"time_base": "1/14112000",
			"start_time": 0,
			"duration": 149.524898
	"format": {
		"nb_streams": 1,
		"format_name": "mp3",
		"format_long_name": "MPEG audio layer 2/3",
		"start_time": 0,
		"duration": 149.524898,
		"size": 2392815,
		"bit_rate": 128022
	"metadata": {}