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Boost: Enterprise AppStore in Swift

Boost - Enterprise AppStore

Slack Jenkins Apiary.io API documentation for Boost Platforms Swift 4 Vapor 3 iOS app Android app

Warning! - Project is not yet completely finished. We are going to release an alpha version in Q4 of 2018, contact us on Slack for ETA or follow the status below

Boost is an enterprise mobile app distribution platform. Boost has been made originally to help us distribute mobile apps to our clients on our own platform but eventually we have decided to share our baby with the world. Let’s see what it will grow into!

Test run

You can easily try Boost if you have Docker installed. Just clone this repo and run docker-compose up. You should initialize database by visiting /api/install when you first run the project.

git clone git@github.com:LiveUI/Boost.git
cd Boost

# run on http://localhost:8000
docker-compose up

Reverse proxy

You can serve on your custom domain (possibly with HTTPS enabled). You can change port of running app (default is 8000) by setting env variable BOOST_POST and set the final URL so the App can generate correct links by setting BOOST_BASE_URL.

# Expecting running reverse proxy from https://testing-boost.com => http://localhost:1234
BOOST_PORT=1234 BOOST_BASE_URL=https://testing-boost.com docker-compose up

Main dependencies

  • BoostCore - AppStore core module
  • ApiCore - Base user & team management including forgotten passwords, etc ...
  • MailCore - Mailing wrapper for multiple mailing services like MailGun, SendGrig or SMTP (coming)
  • DBCore - Set of tools for work with PostgreSQL database
  • VaporTestTools - Test tools and helpers for Vapor 3


The main documentation for boost can be found in our GitHub.com Wiki. For API documentation go to our Boost API documentation

In the repo we also maintain a Postman collection of all available requests here. Use these to test any of the available endpoints.



If the documentation is not good enough for you, feel free to join our slack channel and get help using and installing this product from us and other experienced users right away. Slack, channel #help-boost

Test on Heroku

If you after a quick example of what boost can do, get yourself a Heroku account (if you don't have one already) and see for yourself.

To install on Heroku please press the button and follow the instructions:

Deploy Boost enterprise appstore to Heroku


MVP (current)

  • Build basic framework
  • Authenticate with username and password
  • Upload, process and install iOS app
  • Upload, process and install Android app
  • Search apps by it's tags, name, platform and bundle Id
  • Integrated web client (web interface)
  • Basic emails (forgotten password, registration, invitation)

Phase 2

  • Support for S3 (and others through protocol) to store files
  • Authenticate in enterprise environment (ActiveDirectory, etc ...)
  • Create client accounts
  • Native iOS client
  • Native Android client
  • Email notifications (new builds, clents, etc)

Phase 3

  • Native tvOS client
  • Comment on builds
  • Create virtual apps for web-apps (urls)
  • Authenticate in enterprise environment (custom plugins and integrations for common systems)

Phase 4

  • Upload, process and download standalone files
  • Upload, process and install macOS app
  • Upload, process and install Windows app
  • Upload, process and display web app (.zip)

Code contributions

We love PR’s, we can’t get enough of them ... so if you have an interesting improvement, bug-fix or a new feature please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are not sure about something before you start the development you can always contact our dev and product team through our Slack.


We try to support even our free tier clients through our Slack channel or create a Stack Overflow question tagging BoostXXXXXXXXXX. To signup for our Slack please visit http://bit.ly/2B0dEyt and we’ll send you an invitation email.

OnDemand hosted service (sounds better than software as a service)

We also working on a hosted service including a free tier for indie developers. For more information on our hosted services, please visit our website on http://www.boostappstore.com


Our enterprise package contains a tailored solution designed to match your needs exactly. We have a team of amazing developers on standby to help you using remote desktops or even to fly them over, should you require help with the setup onsite.

We are a dev house so happy to quote on any customisations you may need on request. Please contact us on enterprise@mangoweb.cz for further details or visit our website on http://www.boostappstore.com


Boost is distributed under an Apache 2 license and can be shared or used freely within the bounds of the license itself. All third party components used (like Vapor framework and all it’s components) in this software are MIT licensed only. List of all used software is listed in the repository. All Vapor components are available in Vapor dependencies folder.

See the LICENSE file for more info.