Livepeer Community Transcoder Node's Grant Program
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Livepeer Community Transcoder Node's Grant Program

Livepeer is seven months into main net launch, and we’ve seen an incredible amount of participation from the developer community. Livepeer has a long term vision to build a fully decentralized video stack, and we cannot achieve this goal without a community of contributors to the project. We’re excited to launch the Community Grant Program, which provides developers with grants ranging from 300 - 3000 LPT (subject to change). Grant program provides developers with an opportunity to build a position in the network early on.

If you're appreciative of this initiative and all that it will do for the ecosystem, bond to our transcoder node, and contribute a portion of your inflationary reward to go towards these grants! Node address: 0x4f4758f7167b18e1f5b3c1a7575e3eb584894dbc

Grant Amount Range: 300-3000 LPT

We are seeking projects and will provide funding for:

  • Data analytics: How do we gain visibility into the economics of the network? is an example of a dashboard built, but its not that easy to parse and others could build alternate dashboards with new features.
  • Applications that make it easier for token holders to bond token. This could be a new staking application similar to the explorer (needed! See grant) This could be a custom wallet similar to the TezBox and Galleon wallets specific to the Tezos network.
  • Applications, alerts or automations that make it easier for token holders to hold their transcoder accountable. Translation + sharing: Translating the new streamflow paper and sharing it with five communities in your network


  • Projects must be open source
  • We are open to funding projects built by teams or individuals, although it helps to have both product/UX + backend for the apps. Find people with complimentary skill sets to join you and collaborate by joining Discord and posting in the #Find-Hackers channel.

How do I apply?

  • Submit an issue. Product-based proposals must include specs in the submission.
  • Include mockups, technical milestones, and time estimates. When in doubt breakdown milestones further.
  • Application will be reviewed by Community Node Grant Committee. If you are interested in joining this committee, ping RSAP on Discord
  • If application passes screening, we will reach out for a call
  • Feedback will occur throughout grant process
  • Process should take 2-4 weeks

Wishlist of products