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Nix is a simple, minimal theme for Hugo

Hugo Theme Nix


Clone the repository to your hugo theme directory

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone


Add these parameters to your config.toml:

  Name = "your_name"
  HeaderUsername = "username"
  HeaderHostname = "hostname"
  About = "info_about_you"
  ProfilePicture = "profile_picture_url"

HeaderUsername and HeaderHostname will be displayed in navbar on left side in the format: HeaderUsername@HeaderHostname ~ $.

Optionaly you can add any of these social networks to the [params] section.

  BitbucketID = "your_bitbucket_id"
  CodepenID = "your_codepen"
  CvURL = "your_cv_url"
  Email = "your_email"
  FacebookID = "your_facebook"
  GithubID = "your_github"
  GitlabId = "your_gitlab"
  # Uses keyserver to search your fingerprint
  GnuPGFingerprint = "your_gpg_fingerprint"
  GoogleAnalytics = "your_google_analytics_id"
  GoogleplusID = "your_googleplus"
  InstagramID = "your_instagram"
  LinkedInID = "your_linkedin"
  MastodonURL = "your_mastodon_profile"
  MediumID = "your_medium_id"
  Mobile = "+1-201-555-0123"
  PayPalMeID = ""
  Phone = "+1-201-555-0123"
  RedditID = "your_reddit"
  RSSURL = "\path-to-xml" ( default hugo generates from pages at "/index.xml" )
  SlackURL = ""
  SpotifyID = "your_spotify_id"
  SoundcloudID = "your_soundcloud_id"
  StackExchangeID = "your_stackexchange_id"
  StackOverflowID = "your_stackoverflow_id"
  TelegramID = "your_telegram"
  TwitterID = "your_twitter"
  TwitchID = "your_twitch_username"
  XingURL = ""
  # For youtube, since there are multiple path urls please add everything after in channel url
  YoutubeID = "c/your_youtube_id"

To add a menu item add [[menu.header]] item to config.toml. For example:

    name = "posts"
    weight = 0
    url = "/posts"

To add a submenu item add [[menu.header]] item with a parent parameter to config.toml. For example:

    identifier = "post"
    name = "posts"
    weight = 0
    parent = "post"
    name = "All Posts"
    url = "/posts"
    parent = "post"
    name = "categories"
    url = "/categories"
    parent = "post"
    name = "tags"
    url = "/tags"

To enable disqus comments add disqusShortname to your config.toml.

You can turn off disqus comments per page by adding nocomments = true to the front matter.


Nix is licensed under the MIT License