Nix is a simple, minimal theme for Hugo
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Nix is a simple, minimal theme for Hugo

Hugo Theme Nix


Clone the repository to your hugo theme directory

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone


Add these parameters to your config.toml:

  GithubID = "your_github"
  GitlabId = "your_gitlab"
  TwitterID = "your_twitter"
  LinkedInID = "your_linkedin"
  GoogleplusID = "your_googleplus"
  FacebookID = "your_facebook"
  Name = "your_name"
  HeaderUsername = "username"
  HeaderHostname = "hostname"
  Email = "your_email"
  About = "info_about_you"
  ProfilePicture = "profile_picture_url"
  GoogleAnalytics = "your_google_analytics_id"

Edit them as needed. If you don't want one of the social networks or Google Analytics simply delete that line. HeaderUsername and HeaderHostname will be displayed in navbar on left side in the format: HeaderUsername@HeaderHostname ~ $

To add a menu item add [[menu.header]] item to config.toml. For example:

    name = "posts"
    weight = 0
    url = "/posts"

To enable disqus comments add disqusShortname to your config.toml.

You can turn off disqus comments per page by adding nocomments = true to the front matter.


Nix is licensed under the MIT License