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Wtoll commented Apr 20, 2020

If you use a shortcode in a content file in order to embed a read time estimation for that content file within itself, the estimation always comes back as 0. This is probably because the parser hasn't finished converting the document by the time it gets to the read time estimation so it can't actually get an estimate for it. This is supported by the fact that, when embedding a read time estimation

atlc commented Aug 6, 2019

Operating system: ALL
Last upstream commit: de496848c1e7b7116371ae25944aced1c22c47a9
Browser version(s): Chrome 75.0.3
Ruby version (run ruby -v): 2.5.1p57

In our use case, we added more deeply nested levels. This caused an issue where the ToC library would grab the HTML tags surrounding the current level and add those into the document.title, giving us such titles in our browser

htleeab commented Apr 30, 2020

I'm considering switch to mkdocs from sphinx, but cannot solve the navigation issue.
This is a sample built with sphinx + recommonmark+ readthedocs theme+ readthedocs host
readthedocs theme should support

  1. multi-level nav
  2. clickable index links/page
  3. auto-generate TOC with sub-leve
bitkeks commented Apr 28, 2020

Greetings, thank you all for your work on pelican! It's a wonderful tool and I'm a user since many years!

This issue is related to #2349. I'd like to suggest an improvement in documentation and awareness of the STATIC_URL and STATIC_SAVE_AS parameters, which might lead to a better utilization of this feature for external static domains/origins. In [the current 4.2.0 docs](https://docs.getp

smartboyathome commented Sep 11, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I am using react-static to create a site that is hosted out of S3. I want to be able to use object versioning to track changes to the objects over time, but I can't do that with the main JS file, as it has a hash code in the middle. I am guessing that this is used for cache busting, but S3 already has robust etag support built in,

timaschew commented Apr 23, 2017

On the website if I use all the snippets like below, the layout plugin is not working, it just transpiles the markdown to HTML, without the layour wrapper.


var Metalsmith  = require('metalsmith');
var collections = require('metalsmith-collections');
var layouts     = require('metalsmith-layouts');
var markdown    = require('metalsmith-markdown');
var permalinks  = requir
JOduMonT commented Nov 7, 2019


I hope it's a feature request and not a bug report
I try to apply design.background but at the item level
and the code won't let me add more than one [design.background]

this is work

widget = "slider"
weight = 11
  title = "Left"
  content = "I am left aligned :smile:"
    gradient_start = "#0000F9"
    gradient_end = "#86007D"
mootari commented Dec 28, 2017

Assemble's highly modular nature makes it difficult to discover methods that are added via mixins or inheritance. For example, .use and .define are provided by Base and implicitely added through Templates.

It would be a huge help to have some basic, generated JSDocs that incorporate all of the default packages. JSDoc provides the @mixinand [`@mix

globau commented Mar 3, 2019

wintersmith build -h lists options, including --clean.
it also states all options can also be set in the config file.

turns out that not all options can be set; for example clean is not honoured (see #149).

the wording of the help text should be updated to reflect that some, but not all, options can be set. ideally those that are cli-only should have an indicator.

RVMendoza commented Oct 6, 2017

When we tell people to add this section to their component after the list, it creates two nodes that are not contained. It is a ul and a div.

We should somehow mention that you need to surround the two in a div before adding that extra snippet to Older Posts, because react will only l

afeblot commented Feb 7, 2020

Currently, it is only possible to link to an already existing page of the site.
When using publii as a standard (i.e. non-blog) site creator, this totally breaks the flow : while writing a page, you think to something you want to link to as a new page, yo must save/close your page, create the new one, save it, go back to the first page, create the link and keep going.

It would be very convenie


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