Node.js + Backbone.js Colorpicker Server for controlling LED lighting
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A Backbone.js GUI, Node.js and server that emits colorChanged and colorSet events to a colorpicker-client.

There are in-depth setup instructions for running the colorpicker-client on a Beaglebone Black with angstrom distro of linux at the above URL.


# set up the GUI and server
git clone
cd colorpicker-server
npm install -d
npm start

# set up the client
git clone
cd colorpicker-client
npm install
npm start

Browse to http://localhost:1337 to use the GUI.


# use the test watchers
npm test

# or run the tests once
mocha -R dot test/src/*.coffee && karma start --single-run

About this Project

You can read the original blog post and an updated post here

Watch the video here: