Loren Data ECGridOS API Version 3.2 Documentation.
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Loren Data ECGridOS API Version 3.2 Documentation.

Notice! - As of 2/1/2018 API versions previous to 3.2 will only have access to the last 30 days of data. API versions 3.2 and up will have data archives dating back to 3/1/2015.

Notice! - On 12/31/2018 API versions previous to 3.2 will no longer be supported.

An EDI Network built from the ground up for the Professional B2B Service Provider.

Is “cloud commerce”, “B2B SAAS”, or “Enterprise 2.0” in your product’s DNA? Take charge of your EDI Network Management with ECGridOS.

Loren Data Corp’s ECGridOS is the industry’s only API programmable EDI Communications network. We built ECGridOS for B2B service providers in the vanguard of hosted commerce services. ECGridOS was conceived and refined to deliver customized EDI communications and trading partner management for the largest service providers and B2B SAAS application ventures. And our client list speaks for itself: SPS Commerce, ESG, Radley, Activant, NetEDI, KDDI America, Pinnacle Data Technologies, CMT Systems, and more being added every day.

ECGridOS is a web services API that provides over 150 functions for direct access to account creation, user ID and mailbox management, user sessions, network management (interconnections to other ID’s on Value Added Networks), real time message status, and much more. If seamless, integrated trading partner management is your goal, ECGridOS is market-proven – providing programmable EDI network management for numerous B2B providers, software OEMs, and B2B SAAS ventures.

Our Services Portfolio is designed specifically for B2B platforms that manage thousands of mailboxes and tens of thousands of Trading Partner relationships. New era B2B SAAS operations absolutely require a rational and hierarchical method for managing all subscriber metadata such as EDI network identities, data traffic, and other network services.

So, here it is: ECGridOS was devised to power your company’s B2B revolution. Be your OWN EDI network, with ECGridOS.


A VAN engineered with an independent node architecture. ECGrid nodes are scaleable, flexible, and very reliable. Designed and Coded by our President and CTO – Designed for the professional B2B organizations that must manage numerous, independent client networks, hubs, mailboxes, and vast subscriber populations. ECGrid is the right choice for high-traffic cloud applications and enterprise software & services companies – an ideal platform for service providers, integration consultants, and VARs.


A Web Services API (Application Programming Interface) with an O/S like syntax for managing ECGrid networks. A powerful environment for EDI Communications and Trading partner Management.

API URL: https://ecgridos.net/v3.2/prod/ECGridOS.asmx

API WSDL URL: https://ecgridos.net/v3.2/prod/ECGridOS.asmx?WSDL

Check the Wiki Page for our API documentation.

ECGridOS User's Guide

Getting Started with ECGridOS and Visual Studio

ECGridOS API Calls


Legacy Forum Q & A

Unified AS2

Managed AS2 Unified with VAN Messaging – Built with the ECGridOS API. Programmable AS2 for building a community of trading partners. This is As2 built for operators at scale.