Documentation for the Losant IoT Platform
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Losant Documentation

Repository backing the main Losant documentation, which is live at Pull requests and other updates are always welcome!

Editing The Documentation

This documentation uses MkDocs to build the actual documentation website. This repository can be cloned and run locally using MkDocs for making changes and previewing them.

To build the Losant documentation yourself, do the following:

  • Prerequisites

    • Run yarn install
    • Install Python 3.6.
    • Install MkDocs v0.16.3 - See Instructions.
  • Run the built in MkDocs webserver
    Go to the repository directory, and run yarn start. The documentation site will be running at http://localhost:8000. Any changes made to the documentation markdown will be reflected automatically.


AWS_SECRET_KEY=your_secret AWS_ACCESS_KEY=your_key yarn deploy

Copyright (c) 2018 Losant IoT, Inc