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By Felix Rusu (

###Features: This is the source code used to make a MailboxNotifier, which consists of a Moteino based sensor that detects when your mail is delivered. It uses a hall effect sensor and earth magnet, feeding from a 9V battery. The receiver is another Moteino that runs the receiver sketch, passing the information to the python script which sends an email/sms message when a door-open event is detected.

To send an sms message you simply have to send an email to your cell number's sms mailbox. Mine is with AT&T so I send an email to

##Update: I improved the hardware for the sensor side, and enclosed the unit in a weather proof box. I also added MailboxNotifier2 sketches for a sender and receiver which is uses structs to send the data and also has the ability to measure battery voltage. The receiving end sketch is for a standalone LCD unit which displays the last open/closed events and battery voltage. More details here:


Moteino based mailbox event notifier



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