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2012-10-18 Release 2.7.1
* Fixed Lua 5.1 compatibility, broken in 2.7.0.
* Added ability to specify no replacement to gsub with a nil or
false replacement argument.
2012-10-04 Release 2.7.0
* Added support for searching raw memory buffers (e.g. made with
* Fixed possible invalid code generation in C (thanks, Michael
* Generate LuaRock rockspecs for all modules.
* Greatly simplify UNIX build system, relying on LuaRocks.
* Allow POSIX REG_STARTEND to be used on any system supporting it.
* Add a test set for POSIX regex engine (thanks, Enrico Tassi).
* Simplify some code.
* Always use Lua state memory allocator.
2012-04-13 Release 2.6.0
* Added support for Lua 5.2.
2010-12-15 Release 2.5.3
* Bug fix to rex.split.
* Support for new flags in PCRE 8.11.
2010-11-10 Release 2.5.2
* Important bug fix (thanks to Enrico Tassi for the report)
affecting platforms with certain alignment requirements.
* Improved build system for Windows.
* Minor improvements to the manual.
2010-10-04 Release 2.5.1
* Minor improvements and fixes, no changes to library code.
2010-10-03 Release 2.5.0
* Added bindings of the TRE and GNU regex APIs.
* Improved and simplified the build system.
2008-08-04 Release 2.4.0
* All functions receiving string-type regex accept a compiled regex too.
* Added binding of the Oniguruma library.
2008-05-31 Release 2.3.0
* Added methods: find and match.
2007-12-29 Release 2.2.2
* Makefiles fixed.
2007-10-25 Release 2.2.1
* Added new PCRE constants up to version 7.4.
* 1 bugfix.
2007-06-19 Release 2.2.0
* gsub API extension: allow the 4-th argument to be a function.
* Added functions: maketables (PCRE).
* Improved algorithm for global searches (PCRE; retry after empty match).
* cflags may be specified by a string (PCRE).
* Bugfixes.
2007-02-13 Release 2.1.0
* Improved error handling.
* A minor change in API.
2007-01-30 Release 2.0.2
* 3 bugfixes.
* Corrections in the Reference Manual.
2007-01-12 Release 2.0.1
* Bugfix in memory deallocation.
2007-01-05 Release 2.0
* Added functions: match, find, gmatch, gsub, split, config, plainfind.
* Added methods: dfa_exec.
* Removed methods: gmatch.
* Renamed functions:
newPCRE, newPOSIX --> new.
flagsPCRE, flagsPOSIX --> flags.
versionPCRE --> version.
* Renamed methods: match --> tfind.
* Added test suite.
* Added reference manual.
2004-12-19 Release 1.19
* Added support for PCRE "named subpatterns" (thanks to Nick Gammon).
* Several minor improvements.
2004-08-25 Release 1.18
* New lua function 'r:exec'.
* New lua function 'r:__tostring'.
* A table returned by r:match() as its 3rd result has no "n" index
set anymore. Use table.getn instead.
* Fixed the bug preventing compilation with the "basic" POSIX
regexp library.
* Makefile improved.
* Added file gsub.lua containing function 'generic_gsub'.
2004-07-16 Release 17
* New lua functions 'flagsPOSIX', 'flagsPCRE', 'versionPCRE'.
* Lua functions 'newPCRE' and 'newPOSIX' accept an optional
2nd argument ("compilation flags").
* Lua function 'newPCRE' accepts an optional 3rd argument
* Lua function 'r:match' accepts optional 2nd and 3rd
arguments ("startoffset" and "execution flags").
* Lua function 'r:gmatch' accepts an optional 2nd argument
("execution flags").
* If a user-defined function passed to r:gmatch() as its
2nd parameter returns true value, then r:gmatch() returns.
* The table of substring matches contains false in the positions
correspondent to non-matched subpatterns.