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* About LuaDocer
LuaDocer is a documentation generation tool for the Lua language. It produces
standalone HTML documentation for the given projects, which documents all
files, functions, variables and tables that are used in the project.
Documentation comments are used to supply documentation data into the final
documentation of the project.
Output of LuaDocer also contains a lot of lists, metrics and statistics, such as
an alphabetical index of all global functions used in the project, source code
syntax-aware highlighter, formatter and much more. Many aspects of the final
documentation can be easily configured to suit everyone's needs.
LuaDocer is a fork (an enhanced version) of LuaDoc.
* Availability
LuaDocer is freely available for both academic and commercial purposes under.
See doc/us/license.html for details.
* Dependecies
LuaDocer requires following modules to be installed:
lua >= 5.1 (not tested with 5.2)
lualogging >= 1.1.3
luafilesystem >= 1.2.1
luapretty >= 0.2
luametrics >= 0.2.1
luacomments >= 0.2
lualiterate >= 0.1
* Installation
Simplest way to install LuaDocer is to use the LuaDist ( deployment
tool by invoking:
$ ./luadist _luadocer install luadocer
which will install LuaDocer and all it's dependecies into the _luadocer folder.
LuaDocer can be also installed using CMake ( For manual installation
copy the luadocer folder from src into your LUA_PATH folder.
* Running
LuaDocer installs to a standalone directory and should be able to execute on
most systems supported systems without the need to set up any environment.
To invoke the LuaDocer main script simply execute luadocer.lua from src folder
using the Lua runtime interpreter in the install directory:
$ cd _luadocer/bin/
$ lua luadocer.lua
LuaDist also installs a binary versions of this sript called luadocer.
Example usage:
$ ./lua luadocer -d output_directory -t ../lib/lua/luadocer/doclet/html/ path/to/lua_sources/
* Compatibility warning for Windows systems
LuaDocer has not been tested in the Windows environment and is likely to
misbehave when parsing path names in Windows systems due to a different
path separator as in Unix systems [\ vs /].
* Authors
Peter Kapec (project supervisor)
Ivan Šimko
Viliam Kubis
Gabriel Duchoň
Péter Kósa
Michal Juranyi
Peter Mendel
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