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Release Notes

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Banana 1.6.24

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvement:

  1. Fix the filter panel where we cannot add more than one filer when clicking on the plus icon.
  2. Fix the Sankey panel. #338
  3. Allow the Terms panel to have a horizontal bar chart. #338
  4. Add Sankey hover/highlight effect. #340
  5. Force diagram numerical node names fix. #340

Banana 1.6.23

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvement:

  1. Add new diagrams: D3 Sankey and Force panels (#337 thanks! @iampeter)
  2. Fix the overflow issue in Query panel.
  3. Fix "to" field does not properly convert display of its text from ASCII.
  4. Fix filter panel to display time filter in locale value, instead of UTC time.
  5. Fix error when running grunt build.
  6. Fix for Sunburst panel rendering issue in Firefox.
  7. Fix for CSV exporting issue in Terms panel.
  8. Fix for CSV exporting issue in Full Text Search panel, where a custom query does not take effect.
  9. Fix the Filter panel querystring encoding bug when trying to add a filter manually.
  10. Fix the delete saved dashboards issue in Solr 7+ (changing the delete method from using stream.body to POST /update with XML delete command).
  11. Fix issues with BlobStore API (for Lucidworks Fusion) to add support for changes in Fusion 3.1 BlobStore API, which used for loading, saving, and searching dashboards.
  12. Fix bugs in the default dashboards in Fusion 4.2:
    • Change to use query field instead of query_s field in the Metrics dashboard (lucidworks-metrics.json).
    • For the Signals dashboard (lucidworks-signals.json):
      • Change from query_s to query field.
      • Change from type_s to type field.
      • Change from doc_id_s to doc_ids_s field.
      • Remove count_i and weight_d fields.

Banana 1.6.22

This release is for Fusion 4.2 which includes the following fixes:

  • Fix the cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Terms panel when hovering over the chart.
  • Improve the Terms panel by using stats combining with facet.pivot, instead of stats.facet.
  • Change the Search Analytics dashboard (lucidworks-searchanalytics.json) to use query field instead of query_s field.

Banana 1.6.21

This release is for Fusion 4.1.1 which includes a minor bug fix for Search Analytics dashboard:

  • Changing fq=type_s:response to fq=type:response due to the schema changed in signal collections.

Banana 1.6.20

This release is for Fusion 4.1 which includes the followings:

  1. Add three new dashboards for Fusion: Service Logs, Access Logs, and Combined Logs dashboards.
  2. Service Logs dashboard will be the new default (home) dashboard in Fusion.
  3. Add Sub-row feature to Table panel. Sub-row allows a specified field to be shown by itself in its own row for each event in the table. You can also specify the maximum number of characters to be shown and the character offset number (from the beginning of the line).
  4. Fix the timepicker issue; date filter skip-back-one-day if browser time is behind UTC (SILK-345).
  5. Fix RangeFacet panel so that it does not add a global filter when first initialized. Now when a range facet panel is added to a dashboard, it will initially use the panel's settings, instead of creating a new range filter that effects the whole dashboard.
  6. Prevent duplicate filters from being repeatedly added to Filter panel (except for time filter). Now a user will not see duplicate filters being added to the Filter panel, when clicking on the same filter in a chart for multiple times.
  7. Allow duplicate for time filters, so that Histogram panel will work correctly.
  8. Change default collection from logs to system_logs in config.js for Fusion 4.1.

Banana 1.6.19

This release fixes a few minor bugs related to changes in Fusion 4.

  1. In Search Analytics dashboard, change global fq from type_s:query to type_s:response.
  2. Remove hard coded '/' prefix in query to load saved dashboards (due to change in Blob Store API).
  3. Rename saved dashboards field "name" to use "id" instead (due to change in Blob Store API).

Banana 1.6.18

This release includes bug fixes and adding support for changes in Blob Store API of Fusion 4. Here is the list of changes:

  1. Fix bug for Solr when saving and loading dashboards from the dashboard field defined as a multi-valued field.
  2. Rename index.html title from "Banana 3" to "Banana".
  3. Add Japan map.
  4. Update README for enabling CORS in Solr and add a sample webdefault.xml for Solr 6.
  5. Fix bug when loading saved dashboards from another Solr server.
  6. Fix rows=0 bug when exporting from Terms panel.
  7. Fix error when loading dashboard from blob due to '/' prefix in name.
  8. Fix IE 11 issues by replacing startsWith() and endsWith() with indexOf().
  9. Update Search Analytics dashboard for Fusion.
  10. Add notes to Fusion Metrics dashboard telling users to enable metrics first.

Banana 1.6.17

This release includes adding support for changes in Fusion 3.1 BlobStore API, which used for loading, saving, and searching dashboards. It also include the following bug fixes:

  1. Fix "to" field does not properly convert display of its text from ASCII.
  2. Fix issues with BlobStore API.
  3. Fix filter panel to display time filter in locale value, instead of UTC time.
  4. Fix error when running grunt build.

Banana 1.6.16

This release makes some configuration changes to improve the integration of Banana with Fusion 3.0.0. The following is the list of changes:

  1. All default settings and sample dashboards are set to use Fusion default query pipeline /api/apollo/query-pipelines/_system/collections/ instead of /api/apollo/solr/.
  2. In Fusion Signals Dashboard, the default collection is set to default_signals.
  3. In Search Log Analytics Dashboard, the default collection is set to default_log.

Banana 1.6.15

This release adds some changes and fixes to work with Fusion's Blob Store API correctly.

Banana 1.6.14

This release includes the change to dashboard saving / loading functionalities for Fusion. Now Fusion's Blob Store API will be used to save, load, delete, and search dashboards. We will not need to create system_banana collection in Fusion anymore, and also, we will not use the default index pipeline and query pipeline for the dashboard operations.

Banana 1.6.13

This release adds protractor tests to cover basic tasks. The tests only work with Fusion for now.

Banana 1.6.12

NOTES about the skipped version numbers: we want to synchronize the code base between the two branches: develop and fusion. Previously the develop branch was used by the community to contribute code, while the fusion branch was used for Lucidworks Fusion. There were some conflicting codes between the two branches, which now have been resolved in this version. That is the reason why we have to skip the version numbers, so that both branches are in sync. The only different between them now are config.js (which contain the app settings) and the dashboard default.json (which is the first sample dashboard shown after installing the app).

This release includes the following key new features and improvements:

  1. Unify the code base between develop branch and fusion branch.
  2. Fix multiple hosts issue #279
  3. Add countDistinct and cardinality for hits stats #269
  4. Add SUM aggregate function to Histogram panel #252
  5. Query panel / Add reset action to set filter to : #183
  6. Better map auto fit option / icon #242
  7. Fix JS minify (grunt task) error in RangeFacet panel.
  8. Fix bug in RangeFacet panel: sometimes auto-interval will return = 0
  9. Fix all jshint errors.
  10. Improved Scatterplot panel, now we can add bubble and colors.
  11. Improved Hits panel, now we can include more than one metric like avg, min, max, in addition to count.
  12. Add sorting to dashboard drop-down collections picker
  13. Add pagination to Load Dashboard menu.

Banana 1.6.0

Banana 1.6.0 contains many new features, new panels, enhancements and bug fixes to improve the overall user experience and stability. Thank you to our growing community for your suggestions and contributions! Please continue sending us your feedback, so that we can further extend and improve Banana!

This release includes the following key new features and improvements:

  1. Hits panel can now show a stats value (e.g. min, max, mean, and etc).
  2. Publish Banana WAR to Maven Central. #203
  3. Fix d3.tip module.
  4. Add a D3 Bar Chart panel. #175
  5. Add an option to ignore stop words (English) in Tag cloud panel. #174
  6. Add Antarctica to the World map in Map panel. #173
  7. Add Sunburst panel. #169
  8. Add banana-int conf directory to support Solr 5.x.
  9. Add export option to Terms panel. #228
  10. Various bug fixes and improvements:
    • Remove unused ajax-solr library.
    • JSHint fixes. #223
    • Update filesaver.js to the latest version . #222
    • Translation of field names in Table micropanel. #221
    • Allow human-friendly translations for facet fields to be defined on a per-dashboard basis. #217
    • Update browser window/tab title to reflect current dashboard title. #215
    • JS Docs for underscore.extended.js + kbn.js in src/app/components. #206
    • Method documentation & typo clean-up in kbn.js. #205
    • Fix IE bug in Map panel. #204
    • Fix Terms panel bug: exclude_filter value change to empty. #197
    • Centralize downloading / exporting response data. #227

Banana 1.5.0: Released on 2 January 2015

This release includes the following key new features and improvements:

  1. Multi queries support for all panels.
  2. A new Multi-series panel based on D3.js provides a way to visualize more complex datasets, such as stock prices.
  3. A new Tag Cloud panel helps you to easily create a tag or word cloud from your data using facet count.
  4. Various bug fixes and improvements:
    • Fix warnings and errors with grunt jshint. PR #47
    • Support log axis for Terms panel panel. PR #56
    • Added 'Info' tab to panels that displays rich and customized help messages. PR #57
    • Remove "Missing" and "Other" as default options in Terms panel.
    • Edit regex in urlLink filter to allow * (ampersand) Issue #64
    • Fix individual tooltip in Range Facet panel.
    • Fix issue when exporting dashboard to file in Safari.

Banana 1.4.0: Released on 15 September 2014

Banana 1.4.0 contains many new features, new panels, enhancements and bug fixes to improve the overall user experience and stability. Thank you to our growing community for your suggestions and contributions! Please continue sending us your feedbacks, so that we can further extend and improve Banana!

This release includes the following key new features and improvements:

  1. Banana 1.4.0 provides much improved performance - by better utilizing Solr's caches in Timepicker Module. This improvement is discernable in the Relative and Since time modes.
  2. A new Full Text Search panel provides a more traditional search interface to view textual data.
  3. Enhancements to the Table panel improve performance and user experience:
    • Sorting option can now be turned off in order to speed up the search results returned from Solr.
    • A particular column - corresponding to a URI field - can be set as the hyperlink column. When set, this value will become clickable and linked to a specific URI.
    • You can now display images inside a table column.
  4. In the Range Facet panel, users now have the ability to set the chart's precision automatically or manually.
  5. In the Terms panel, chart colors can be customized by changing the default color template or by using field values as colors.
  6. It is now possible to load and save a dashboard to Gist.
  7. We have fixed the Solr server location for the banana-int collection, the internal collection that stores dashboards. Now banana-int should be located on the same Solr server as specified in Solr Settings in the Dashboard configuration. You do not have to manually edit config.js file anymore.
  8. The dashboard contains a new button that enables users to quickly create a new dashboard from templates. Currently, we provide two default templates: a time-series dashboard template and a non time-series one.
  9. The Histogram panel no longer requires you to set a time field; as logically expected, it will get the time field from the Timepicker panel.
  10. We have enhanced the usability by allowing you to specify custom help messages inside each panel. You no longer need to use a separate Text panel for this purpose. Instead, you can now embed information and instructions within each panel in the dashboard to better communicate with your users.

Banana 1.3.0: Released on 10 June 2014

Banana 1.3.0 improves on its already powerful capability to visualize and interpret generalized time series data (banana is not only used to search log files, but also visualize social media streams, call center logs, medical records, and etc.). It starts leveraging the power of D3.js (data-driven documents) and provides new panels and enhancements, while also allowing visualization of non-time series data. Key new features include:

  1. Stats and aggregations are now available in the Terms and Map panels. In addition to count mode, you can now visualize stats such as mean, max, min, sum, etc.
  2. A new Range Facet panel allows you to visualize and graphically explore distributions on numeric fields, with selections being reflected across the entire dashboard.
  3. A new Heatmap panel provides for visualization of the powerful pivot faceting capability of Solr.
  4. A new Ticker panel provides a stock ticker like representation of trends in your time series data.
  5. The Export functionality in the the Table Module has been optimized for vastly improved performance and now allows you to export only a subset of the fields in the returned documents.
  6. Previous versions required a Timepicker and time fields set in all panels for them to work. We have cleaned up the code so that it will now work without a Timepicker and a time filter, which will help visualize non-time series data. The time field provided in the Timepicker is used by all panels.
  7. General improvements in the UI and in-product help documentation makes Banana 1.3.0 easier to use.
  8. The directory structure is now cleaned up and legacy files have been removed. Instructions for enabling CORS in Solr and for setting the schema/config for banana's internal collections are now contained in the resources directory.

Banana 1.2.0: Released on 11 May 2014

Following release 1.1.0, we have addressed a number of user requests, including:

  1. This release provides panels for representing geo-spatial data—a map module that provides a heat map-style representation based on two-letter country codes or US state codes, and a bettermap module that provides a clustered representation of location (LatLonType) data.
  2. The Table Module now has a Save button that enables you to save to csv, JSON or XML formats so that you can use other tools like MS Excel for further analysis. The number of rows downloaded will be equal to number of “pageable” hits configured in the Paging tab within the Table Panel Configuration Menu (accessed by clicking on the cog wheel icon near the top right of the table panel).
  3. You can now control whether a dashboard can be saved and/or edited from the Editable checkbox in the General tab, and the Controls tab, both within the Dashboard Configurator (accessed from the cog-wheel icon to very top and right of dashboard).
  4. We have added a hits panel that provides you with the number of matching results returned while using the global query parameters. This is useful if you want to make the number prominent or if you are not using the histogram panel prominently.
  5. You can now provide additional Global Query Parameters that apply to all panels of the dashboard from the Solr tab in the Dashboard Configurator. Among other uses, this feature is invaluable for:
    • Specifying a custom query parser (Solr query parameter: &defType) or search handler (&qt)
    • Specifying a user type for use in custom business rules at the Solr server.
    • Specifying default search fields (&df)
  6. We fixed a bug in the values mode within the histogram module, where missing values were previously assumed to be zero. This led to jagged graphs when the “group by” option was used. We no longer set them to zero but rather have the individual lines skip the missing values.
  7. In the Absolute Time and Since modes, the timepicker used to skip back one day if your browser time was behind UTC. This issue has now been fixed.
  8. Banana 1.1.0 hardcoded certain default search fields (df's) to work with our LogStash output writer. Specifically, it hardcoded a df=message. This means that your old dashboards may not be fetching query results with Banana 1.2.0, though they were doing so with 1.1.0. To fix this, add a Global Query Parameter &df=message (or whatever field you want to search on) within the Dashboard Configurator. Alternately, you can set the default search field in your solrconfig (recommended).

Banana 1.1.0 is here!

We have added a number of exciting new features and fixed key issues, including:

  1. You can now add a Filtering panel that supports global filter queries (fq's). Now, if you click on a facet in the terms panel, the results will be filtered for that particular value.
  2. The terms, histogram and table modules allow you to specify a panel-specific filter query (within the Query Tab while configuring the panel) allowing greater flexibility in designing dashboards.
  3. The inspector icon on these panels shows the Solr query, which is very useful for debugging dashboards.
  4. The Histogram module allows you to plot values in addition to counts. It also allows you to group values by another field. This would be useful if for example you plot CPU utilization over time and want to group by hostname.
  5. The sort operation in the Table module is now fixed and works correctly on single-valued fields.
  6. We have refactored the code to enable easier addition of new modules and fixes to existing modules.

Changes to your dashboards

If you created dashboards for Banana 1.0.0, you did not have a global filtering panel. In some cases, these filter values can be implicitly set to defaults that may lead to strange search results. We recommend updating your old dashboards by adding a filtering panel. A good way to do it visually is to put the filtering panel on its own row and hide it when it is not needed.

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