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LuckycoinQT Windows Client v1.0.1

Luckycoin - a fork of Litecoin version with random bonus blocks. Like Litecoin it uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

  • 1 min block target
  • Difficulty retargets every 20 min with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning
  • Initially 88 coins per block, halves every 2 months (100,000 blocks)
  • Total around 20 millions coins
  • connection port is 9917, RPC-port 9918

Random Super-blocks: For the 1st 50000 blocks (1st month) - 5% chances 188 coins/block - 1% chances 588 coins/block - 0.01% chances 5888 coins/block (so expect 5 such blocks)

After 50000 blocks
- 5% chances 2 times the normal coins (i.e. if normal is 88 coins, you get 176 coins)
- 1% chances 5 times the normal coins
- 0.01% chance 58 times the normal coins

Official Luckycoin Community Forum

Please visit the official Luckycoin community forum for more information.

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