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Plugin for Yourls : IP blacklisting
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Plugin for Yourls allowing to blacklist IPs

This plugin is intended to be used with YOURLS (cf.

It has been tested on YOURLS v1.5 and v1.5.1

Current version is 1.3, updated on 18/09/2012

Contact : Ludo at


  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named BlackListIP
  • In this new directory, copy the plugin.php and ludo_blacklist_ip_Check_IP_Module.php files from this repository
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin

You will see in the admin section a new admin page where you can add the IP addresses you want to blacklist.

Please enter one IP address per line. Other syntax should provide unexpected behaviours.

v1.0 : initialization v1.1 : Add admin page v1.2 : Add some checks on IP format and some warnings for use v1.3 : Add several possibilities to provide IP ranges : - A.B.C.D-X.Y.Z.T range : all IPs from A.B.C.D to X.Y.Z.T are blacklisted - A.B.C.0 range : all IPs from A.B.C.0 to A.B.C.255 are blacklisted - A.B.0.0 range : all IPs from A.B.0.0 to A.B.255.255 are blacklisted - A.0.0.0 range : all IPs from A.0.0.0 to A.255.255.255 are blacklisted - A.B.C.D/X.Y.Z.T : A.B.C.D is an IP address, X.Y.Z.T is a subnet mask, all IPs addresses corresponding to that IP and mask are blacklisted - A.B.C.D/T, T between 0 TO 32 : CIDR notation.

   For explanations, feel free to check .

Actual roadmap is empty, but I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to contact me.

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