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A narrative system for procedurally generating choice-based interactive narratives!

  • Powered jointly by an HTN (hierarchical task network) planner and forward-state planner.
  • Text and choices are dynamically assembled from pre-authored fragments that have effects.
  • Narratives are driven by lists of states which are reached by fragment effects.
  • Text templating is also available to make narratives dynamic on a word-by-word basis.

How to Run (Mac)

  1. Start up Terminal
  2. Navigate to the StoryAssembler root directory
  3. Type command to start up a Python webserver: python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  4. Start a web browser and go to http://localhost:8000

How to Run (Windows)

  1. If you don't have Python, download it (2 or 3 is fine)
  2. Start up Command
  3. Navigate to the StoryAssembler root directory
  4. Type command to start a webserver:
  • Python 3: python -m http.server
  • Python 2: python -m SimpleHttPServer
  1. Start a web browser and go to http://localhost:8000

Example Scene

A simple example scene's files are located in

  • js/StoryAssembler/data/scene-configs (the config file)
  • js/StoryAssembler/data/scene-content (the content file)

How Do I Start Writing?

All the tutorials, walkthroughs, and technical explanations live in the wiki

Why Would I Want To Write With This Thing?

StoryAssembler's good for creating quality-based narratives. In general it's good if you want to write a story where any of these are true:

  • most choices are gated by certain conditions
  • how the story progresses is dynamically determined via state
  • you want game variables from a concurrent game to influence the direction of the story or choice availability

The dynamic templating system means it's also good if:

  • you want to write stories where different characters take on story roles
  • individual qualities of characters influence choices or structure of the story

Who's Used This Thing?

A version of this system was used to drive the narrative component of Emma's Journey, a generative game about climate change created by UC Santa Cruz.

I Heard There's A Cool Narrative Viz For This Thing!

There's a viz for an older version of this library here, but because it still has some pernicious bugs, we're not including it in the library (for now).


StoryAssembler: a dynamic choice-based narrative generation engine








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