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WolfLang plugin for Geany editor
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This is a Wolfram Language (WL) plugin for the text editor Geany based on UNIX-like systems (tested on Linux and MacOS)


  1. Autocompletion of WL built-in symbols
  2. Documentation shortcuts (via zenity and Geany Context Action)

Watch a demo here


(All Platforms)


  1. Geany
  2. WolframKernel + Wolframscript

Run $ wolframscript -configure and set the variable WOLFRAMSCRIPT_KERNELPATH to your local WolframKernel address


Geany Plugins sudo apt-get install geany-plugins

Be sure to have mlocate installed sudo apt-get install mlocate

zenity sudo apt-get install zenity


brew /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

findutils brew install findutils

zenity brew install zenity


wolframscript -f wolfram-geany.wl


  • Pick up a decent colorscheme like Kugel from the Geany colorschemes

  • Configure documentation pop-up: go to Edit->Preferences->Keybindings->Editor> Context Action and set a custom keybinding e.g. Ctrl+h. Once the keybinding is configured, press Ctrl+h to display the documentation of the built-in symbol under the cursor.

  • The installation automatically configures Geany Execute to run a WL script by pressing F5. The script outputs can be displayed within the Geany Virtual Terminal Emulator (VTE). As an alternative to the VTE, we suggest to install urxvt, rice it up and adjust Geany configuration to display the script outputs like so: go to Edit->Preferences->Tools->Terminal and paste urxvt -e /bin/sh %c


On MacOS, evoking zenity from the Context Action does not work, even though the very same command works if executed from the terminal. Please contribute! Thanks.

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