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lyrics plugin for beets
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This is a lyrics plugin for the beets music managment system. 
The engines module was borrowed from the lrcShow-X project []. 

The purpose of this plugin is to fetch lyrics for tracks and tag the files with them.
There are two ways currently to use this plug. The first is via the command line ( beet lyrics <path> ) which will parse the directory and tag files whether or not they are in your library.
The second is via import of albums/tracks which is the standard use.

Clone the repository: 
   mkdir ~/.beets
   cd ~/.beets
   git clone git://
Configure beets:
  edit ~/.beetsconfig
  add ~/.beets/beets-lyrics to 'pluginpath' line
  add 'lyrics' to the 'plugins' line
  directory: /path/to/Music
  library: ~/.beets/library.blb
  import_copy: yes
  import_art: yes
  threaded: yes
  color: yes
  path_format: $artist/($year) $album/$track - $title
  plugins: lyrics lastid
  pluginpath: ~/.beets/beets-lyrics


You can add '[lyrics]' to your beetsconfig file now with two options 

force: either yes or no, specify whether the lyrics plugin should overwrite any existing lyrics
engines: space delaminated list of engines you wish to search (Defaults to all engines). Order will determine priority
    Available Engines:  ailrc, ALSong, baidu, cmdi, evillyrics, google, lrcdb, lyrdb, miniLyrics, sogou, ttPlayer, winampcn, youdao
processes: number of consecutive fetches 
on_import: either yes or no, specifies whether lyrics should be automatically updated on import (defaults to yes)

 - Add UI to allow users to compare old lyrics w/ new lyrics before updating
 - Add ability to tag tracks via library interface
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