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Analog Synthesizer Panels

This repository contains the source files for my custom built, Music From Outer Space modular analog synthesizer.

Music From Outer Space modular analog synthesizer panels in Sketch format


This Sketch file contains the artwork for all of the below modules.

CAD/CAM files

The Carbide Create files and G-code are listed below.

Panel name Description Carbide Create G-code
BLANK Blank 1U module 1U - BLANK.c2d 1U -
VCO Voltage Controller Oscillator module 2U - VCO.c2d 2U -
VCF12 12dB Voltage Controlled Filter module 2U - VCF12.c2d 2U -
VCF24 24dB Voltage Controlled Filter module 2U - VCF24.c2d 2U -
ADSR Attack/Delay/Sustain/Release envelope generator module 1U - ADSR.c2d 1U -
VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier module 1U - VCA.c2d 1U -
LFO Low Frequency Oscillator module 1U - LFO.c2d 1U -
MULTI 4x4x4x4/8x8 passive multiplier module 1U - MULTI.c2d 1U -
LEVEL Three channel passive level attenuator module 1U - LEVEL.c2d 1U -
POWER Simple power panel for dual supply rails 1U - POWER.c2d 1U -
DMOD Delayed modulation module 1U - DMOD.c2d 1U -
S&H Sample and hold module 1U - S&H.c2d 1U - S&
PAN Stereo auto-panner module 1U - PAN.c2d 1U -
NOISE Noise generator module 1U - NOISE.c2d 1U -
QUANT Voltage quantizer module 1U - QUANT.c2d 1U -
REVERB Voltage controlled reverb module 1U - REVERB.c2d 1U -
PHASE 8-stage phase shifter module 1U - PHASE.c2d 1U -
CVGATE CV and Gate expander module 2U - CVGATE.c2d 2U -
WAVEFREAK Wave Freaker module 2U - WAVEFREAK.c2d 2U -
ECHO Echo module 2U - ECHO.c2d 2U -
RINGMOD Ring modulator module 2U - RINGMOD.c2d 2U -
ENVELOPE Seven segment envelope generator module 2U - ENVELOPE.c2d 2U -
MIXER Four + two channel mixer module 4U - MIXER.c2d 4U -
SEQUENCER-LEFT 16 channel quantized vari-clock sequencer module (left) 6U - SEQUENCER-LEFT.c2d 6U -
SEQUENCER-RIGHT 16 channel quantized vari-clock sequencer module (right) 6U - SEQUENCER-RIGHT.c2d 6U -

How to use these files

Carbide Create

  1. Download the desired .c2d file and open in Carbide Create.
  2. Customise the panels where desired.
  3. Review the toolpaths and tools to make sure they'll work with your CNC machine. I'm using the Shapeoko 3.
  4. Export the G-code and load into your favourite CAM software. I'm using Universal Gcode Sender.
  5. Cut the panel. I'm using the PreciseBits MN208-1250-019FC, a 3.175 mm, ZrN coated, 2-flute stub end-mill. I've cut more than 30 panels with a single end-mill and it's still going strong. I'm running a Dewalt D26204K at full-speed (~27,000 RPM) with a feed-rate of 1,372 mm / min.


  1. Download the Sketch file and open in your local copy of Sketch.
  2. Customise the panels where desired.
  3. Print with your favourite laser printer. I'm using the Brother HL-1210W mono laser printer.
  4. Use your favourite toner transfer method to transfer the design onto aluminium. I'm using the Lowell LOOL280 A4 Home Laminator, customised to support much thicker sheets of aluminium.


  • These panels were originally printed on 3.18 mm thick aluminium at a size of 45 mm x 223 mm for 1U wide and 90 mm x 223 mm for 2U wide. You should double-check these panels will fit into your rack before printing or cutting.
  • Each Carbide Create toolpath has a different depth of cut. This is to take into account issues with the Shapeoko's belt-driven Z axis.

More information


If you have any questions, or would like to know more about my process, please send me an email at luke(AT)lukelabs(DOT)com.


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