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@LukeRoss00 LukeRoss00 released this Jan 29, 2020 · 6 commits to master since this release

Please see the README for important instructions on setup and gameplay, especially if this is your first time using the mod.

So many new features in this release! Full changelog below. But what I believe most people were waiting for... perfect VR in cutscenes!

The mod natively supports Oculus and SteamVR headsets. HMD detection is automatic: if you have an Oculus headset connected (with the OVR service running) when you start the game, the mod will use native Oculus rendering; otherwise it will launch in SteamVR mode. WMR and Pimax headsets are still not properly supported; I contacted both Microsoft and Pimax about the issues, and I know that Microsoft is working on them, so let's hope for good news soon!

The only file you need to download is GTAV_REAL_mod_by_LukeRoss_r4.rar (just overwrite the old files if you had a previous release installed).

Hotfix 4.1: Some users reported an issue where subtitles and other game messages that appear on the bottom of the screen were cut off on the left side. If you have a SteamVR headset, and you want to use MSAA with the mod, and you are having this problem, please replace the d3d11.dll file from Release 4 with this one. This hotfix has no other changes, so it is not needed if you are not experiencing this specific issue.

Hotfix 4.2: If running the RealConfig.bat file gives you errors like "The system cannot find the path specified" or "0 file(s) copied", it might be because the batch file assumes that your Documents folder is at %UserProfile%\Documents. If you moved or redirected the folder (which happens for instance if you put it on OneDrive), please replace the RealConfig.bat file from Release 4 with this one, then run it again.


  • Implemented a universal FOV fix (works during normal gameplay, in scripted animations, when aiming your weapon, AND in cutscenes!)
  • Added a simple batch file for automatic configuration of the initial graphics options (with three presets, High-Medium-Low)
  • No longer necessary to manually edit the settings file to put in your video card name
  • Graphics options can now be changed dynamically while in-game (except for the base window resolution)
  • Full support for all valid combinations of FXAA, MSAA, TXAA
  • Added support for NaturalVision Remastered, VisualV, GTA 5 Redux, M.V.G.A. graphics overhaul mods
  • Smoother camera rotation while on foot in 1st person
  • The onscreen game window will no longer flicker (irrelevant for most normal users, but highly requested by streamers)
  • Improved the camera reset logic upon recentering (no more tilted tennis courts!)
  • Fixed even more corner cases for HUD and postprocessing effects during some missions
  • Disabled heading control during skydiving (parachuting is now a LOT more fluid)
  • Fixed an issue with helmets and camera FOV
  • Improved camera management during forced 3rd person (e.g., Wasted/mission fail slow-mo animations)


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