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What is SplitsBrowser?

This is an attempt to port the existing SplitsBrowser Java applet (available at to HTML5/JavaScript/CSS/SVG.

SplitsBrowser is a tool to view and analyse orienteering results. It plots a graph that shows you where on your course you were faster or slower than others and at which controls you lost time.

Why write it?

SplitsBrowser was originally a Java applet. This presents a number of issues:

  • You need to install Java.

  • You also need to keep Java updated. Some browsers can refuse to run the applet if Java on your computer is out of date.

  • Browser functionality has come on a long way since Java applets were first introduced. There is no longer the need for a Java applet or other such plugin to achieve the functionality of drawing graphs on the screen.

  • There have been a number of security incidents involving Java, and various agencies have recommended that Java plugins in browsers be disabled. See, for example,

  • It seemed a fun thing to do, and I could learn how to use the JavaScript data-visualisation library D3 (

SplitsBrowser requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser, but so do many other websites these days. It doesn't require any browser plugins.

What web browsers work with SplitsBrowser?

SplitsBrowser depends on D3 (, and as such it supports the same browsers as D3 (

SplitsBrowser works with 'modern' browsers such as the latest Firefox, Chrome or Opera, Internet Explorer 10 or later, or Edge. It will not work in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, and Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported.

It may also work on Safari on Mac, or on tablet browsers. I haven't tested it, on these platforms, though.


Orienteering results analysis




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