World Generator for Procedural Game Jam 2014
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Cylindrical World Generator

A world generator/simulation for Procedural Game Jam 2014. The world appears two-dimensional, but there is a height value for each x/y coordinate. The map is cyclindrical because it wraps in the x-axis but not in the y-axis.

The simulation uses a number of procedures:

  • Procedural "randomness" based on sine curve
  • Plate tectonics using vornoi cells
  • Constant water volume and sea-level adjustments
  • Height Smoothing
  • Raindrop Erosion
  • Coastal erosion
  • Micro-organism arrival via comet and population growth
  • Grass evolution and growth

Code for this version (0.4) and lower may be used freely under the MIT license. Any contributions to the base code should also be provided under the same license.