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This is an experimental release which includes an integration of Nvidia's Optix denoiser in the viewport render.
The denoiser is started once the viewport render is paused. It denoises in the background without blocking Blender's interface.
Demo Video:

You have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
You also need one of the Optix integration addons for Blender, for example:

I recommend that you first install the Optix addon, then this BlendLuxCore version afterwards. In this order, BlendLuxCore will be able to auto-detect the Optix binaries.
To enable Optix in the viewport, open the render properties, navigate to the LuxCore Viewport Settings panel and check "Use Optix".


BlendLuxCore v2.1beta3_optix Windows 64bit OpenCL

Installation and Update Instructions