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Lytix Core repository

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Lytix is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & low confirmations. It is currently in production. We are in our Proof of Stake phase. The base Maxnode system is in place and we are currently working on the data insertion utility.

Proof of Stake is the current Lytix mechanism for obtaining coins outside of buying directly on an exchange

10,000 LYTX for Masternodes

100,000 LYTX for Maxnodes

Reward breakdown - 60% Maxnodes, 20% masternodes and 20% Stakers.

30 LYTX reward until 100,000

  • 100 until 110,000
  • 30 until 300,000
  • 15 until 350,000
  • 10 until 700,000
  • 7 until 1,050,000
  • 5 until 1,400,000
  • 3 until 1,750,000
  • 1 from then on

16 confirmations maturity for mined or staked rewards ZeroCoin has been removed from the wallet and is in maitnenance mode on Mainnet

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