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Lytix is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & low confirmations. It is currently under development and plans are to pull in Bitcoin's improvements for a PIVX clone. I am targeting a mid-December 2018 re-release of the coin.

If the date changes I will notify everyone. Please note that everyone that had a balance during the first release will get an airdrop on re-release plus some extra to cover the trouble and lost time during the first try.

It will be Proof of Stake after a 100,000 block Proof of Work period with masternodes. After 100,000 staked wallets will help support the network.

CPU minable only coin - mine with the wallet - no other method is supported

5,000 LYTX for Masternodes

100,000 Proof of Work burn in until PoS

50% reward to PoW/PoS 50% reward to Masternodes

30 LYTX reward until 540,000 - 15 PoS / 15 Masternodes

  • 24 until 1080000
  • 18 until 1620000
  • 12 until 2160000
  • 8 until 2700000
  • 6 until 3240000
  • 4 from then on

15 confirmations maturity for mined or staked rewards ZeroCoin begins at block 150,000