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C function library for OLED or LCD monochrome graphics display module, 128 x 64 pixels

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OLED or LCD 128x64px graphics library

C function library for OLED or LCD monochrome graphics module, 128 x 64 pixels

This repository contains a suite of C functions intended for embedded microcontroller applications using a monochrome graphics LCD or OLED display module with 128(h) x 64(v) pixels.

Low-level driver functions are provided to support display modules with these controller devices: ST7920 (LCD), KS0107/KS0108 (LCD), SH1106 (OLED, IIC). Drivers are customized for Microchip PIC32 MCU devices, but may be easily adapted to other platforms.

A test & demo program is provided to run on a PIC32 MCU target. The program was built and tested under MPLAB.X IDE v5.45 (XC-32 compiler v2.50, free version). The project is configured to use an OLED display module with SH1106 controller and IIC (I2C/TWI) connection to the microcontroller. The project can be easily adapted to use an alternative display module simply by swapping the driver code module to suit the required devices.

This graphics library uses a RAM buffer of size 1024 bytes in the microcontroller. Using a buffer maximizes the speed of display update operations.

Functions are provided to display text in various font sizes, e.g. 8, 12, 16 and 24 pixels, some mono-spaced and others proportionally spaced. Some fonts support bold weight. The font size includes lower-case descenders. Upper-case letters are 7, 10, 14 and 20 pixels (resp.) in height.

A function, LCD_PutImage(), displays a bitmap image of any arbitrary size (w x h) at the current cursor coordinates (x, y). Another function, LCD_BlockFill() renders a rectangular block of pixels. Macros are defined to draw a single pixel, a horizontal line, vetical line, or any arbitrary size bar, using the same function, LCD_BlockFill().

Functions to draw lines (other than horizontal or vertical) or other shapes, e.g. polygons, circles, ellipses, etc, are not included in this library, but C-code algorithms for such shapes can be found on the web if needed for your application.

A synopsis of MJB's LCD/OLED graphics functions may be found in file: "LCD_Graphics_Lib.h".

#Arduino version:

There is a version of this library already adapted to drive a 1.3" OLED display module (SH1106 controller) for Arduino projects, here: