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A bot which tweets the issues which are opened on your github repository
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A bot which tweets the issues which are opened on your github repository

Requirement 🐭

  • NodeJS >= 7.7.0
  • NPM >= 4.0.0
  • Twitter account with admin access
  • Github repo with admin access

Setup ⚡️

1. Clone repository

$ git clone
$ cd tweet-issues

2. Install dependencies

$ npm install

3. Rename .env.example

$ mv .env.example .env

4. Setup Github app
  • Create a github app
  • Enter APP_ID,WEBHOOK_SECRET in .env
  • Optionally a subdomain can also entered
  • Install in the github repository of choice
5. Setup Twitter app
  • Create a twitter app on the chosen twitter account
  • Grant Read/Write access
  • Enter consumer_key,consumer_secret,access_token,access_token_secret in .env
6. Start app

$ npm start

You should have a local running app.

Deploy 🚀

To be able to use this bot with your account, you would need to deploy it in cloud. We recommend Zeit. Its a great service for running Probot apps. After creating the GitHub App:

1. Install the now CLI

$ npm i -g now

2. Clone the app

$ git clone

3. Run now to deploy,
  • Replace the APP_ID and WEBHOOK_SECRET with the values for those variables, and
  • Set the path for the PRIVATE_KEY:
     $ now -e APP_ID=aaa \
         -e WEBHOOK_SECRET=bbb \
         -e PRIVATE_KEY="$(cat ~/Downloads/*.private-key.pem)"
4. Update Webhook
  • Go back to your app settings page and update the Webhook URL to the URL of your deployment

Your app should be up and running.

Permissions & Events 🔓

  • Issues - access Read-only permissions
  • Issues - subscribe events
  • Read and Write
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