Run the program with the specified permission level
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Build status

Run the program with the specified permission level


If you want add a alias to Privexec, Please modify Privexec.json on your Privexec.exe location.

    "Alias": [
            "Desc": "Edit Hosts",
            "Alias": "edithosts",
            "Target": "Notepad %windir%\\System32\\Drivers\\etc\\hosts"
            "Desc": "PowerShell",
            "Alias": "pwsh",
            "Target": "powershell"
            "Desc": "PowerShell ISE",
            "Alias": "pwshise",
            "Target": "powershell_ise"
            "Desc": "Windows Debugger",
            "Alias": "windbg",
            "Target": "\"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Windows Kits\\10\\Debuggers\\x64\\windbg.exe\""

wsudo alias ? working in progress








wsudo usage:


wsudo Verbose Mode:



Privexec is a GUI client, Your can run as administrator (no administrator), System and TrustedInstaller require administrator!!!

Command and Process startup directory support ExpandEnvironmentString.

wsudo is a console command client

wsudo usage:

wsudo ♥ run the program with the specified permissions
usage: wsudo command args....
   -v|--version        print version and exit
   -h|--help           print help information and exit
   -u|--user           run as user (optional), support '-uX', '-u X', '--user=X', '--user X'
                       Supported user categories (Ignore case):
                       AppContainer  MIC
                       NoElevated    Administrator
                       System        TrustedInstaller

   -n|--new-console    Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.
   -H|--hide           Hide child process window. not wait. (CREATE_NO_WINDOW)
   -w|--wait           Start application and wait for it to terminate.
   -V|--verbose        Make the operation more talkative
   -x|--appx           AppContainer AppManifest file path
   -c|--cwd            Use a working directory to launch the process.
   -e|--env            Set Environment Variable.
   --disable-alias     Disable Privexec alias, By default, if Privexec exists alias, use it.

Select user can use the following flags:
   -a                  AppContainer
   -M                  Mandatory Integrity Control
   -U                  No Elevated(UAC)
   -A                  Administrator
   -S                  System
   -T                  TrustedInstaller
   wsudo -A "%SYSTEMROOT%/System32/WindowsPowerShell/v1.0/powershell.exe" -NoProfile
   wsudo -T cmd
   wsudo -U -V CURL_SSL_BACKEND=schannel curl --verbose  -I

Builtin 'alias' command:
   wsudo alias add ehs "notepad %SYSTEMROOT%/System32/drivers/etc/hosts" "Edit Hosts"
   wsudo alias delete ehs

WSUDO Details

wsudo support --new-console flag. when a PE subsystem is WINDOWS CUI, wsudo will wait child process exit, unless wsudo(administrator) start NoElevated process or wsudo(No Elevated) start Elevated process. If you add --new-console flag, will create new console and not wait.

If your add -wait flag, wsudo will wait all process(Include GUI/CUI process), Unless process use TaskScheduled API startup.

WSUDO Environment

wsudo support -e/--env to set environment. such as:

::curl must enabled multiple SSL backends.
wsudo  -U -V CURL_SSL_BACKEND=schannel curl --verbose  -I
wsudo  -U -V --env CURL_SSL_BACKEND=schannel curl --verbose  -I

Environment variables are deduced in cmd, so be careful to use quotes. In powershell, the environment variable format is different, and wsudo will eventually process the environment variable.

# powershell
.\bin\wsudo.exe -n 'PATH=%PATH%;%TEMP%' -U cmd
wsudo "PATH=%PATH%;%TEMP%" -n -U cmd


Download CI Build:


This project use MIT License, and JSON use , some API use NSudo, but rewrite it.