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Plagiarism Notice for Higher Education Students

The examples provided in this Wiki are not endorsed by Monash University (Faculty of Information Technology) or any other University as it is primarily used for educational purposes. Please note that copying codes from this wiki or books for assessments without proper referencing and citing the original content will breach the University's Student Integrity Policy, the authors (Jason Nyugen, Eric Jiang, Saurabh Joshi and Felix Salim) are not liable for these breaches. For further information, please visit about the Academic Integrity Policy at Monash University, or your universities Academic Integrity Policy for more information.

Welcome to the MARIE.js wiki. Here we have documentation that explains how the MARIE CPU works, and we provide tutorials on how to code in MARIE.


Link Description
Introduction to MARIE A brief introduction to MARIE
MARIE Codes Shows all MARIE commands to be used
Register Transfer Language This documentation shows different MARIE codes in Register Transfer Language - shows how the CPU handles each command
Datapath Simulator The datapath is used for illustrating how instructions are executed in the MARIE simulator.
Using MARIE.js How to use various features in MARIE.js
Using Google Features How to use all the Google Integrated Features within MARIE.js

Available Tutorials

Link Tutorial Description
A Simple Adder This tutorial demonstrates the use of simple commands in MARIE to construct a simple addition calculator
Multiplication in MARIE Since there is no multiplication command in MARIE, we need to write one ourselves. This tutorial demonstrates how to write code to multiply two numbers
Subroutines How to write subroutines


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