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Project description

PlantAR is an augmented reality app for iOS devices and was developed during an internship.

The app makes it possible to place virtual houseplants in your home in order to see whether the plants at the selected locations correspond to the user's expectations. There is also the option of changing the placement later or canceling it. The user can mark plants which he likes or uses frequently as favorites. These plants are saved in a favorites overview, but can also be removed again. With a double tap on an object that has already been placed, it can be deleted from the scene again. The user has the opportunity to take a snapshot of the surrounding with the placed objects, in order to look at them again at a later point in time. The photos are saved in the device's album. The user interface offers a button for this.

The app served primarily as the basis for a bachelor thesis. The thesis was about analyzing the functionality of the LiDAR scanner in mobile devices. It was tested which improvements in terms of performance and precision are made by the LiDAR scanner. The app was run on a device without a LiDAR scanner as well as on a device that supports LiDAR technology. The results were compared to find out how precisely the objects could be placed with and without LiDAR Technologie.


You can download the app from the App Store.

Download on the App Store

The version in the App Store contains more 3D models. For licensing reasons these models cannot be made available in this open source project. Thats why this project includes only a single model, which is free to use. For a new release the missing models will be added during the upload process.


To build the app, a physical device must be connected to Xcode. Due to the AR scene, the app cannot be run on the simulator.


PlantAR Menu add to favorites


The 3D-Model of the Sansevieria plant was downloaded from Sketchfab.


Sansevieria by thesidekick on Sketchfab


GNU GPLv 3.0


Augmented Reality App to place virtual houseplants