It is wrapper Qt 5 for programming language D. (
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QtE5 is Qt-based library, provides easy access to Qt-5 from D and C++.


It uses dynamic Qt5 loading and a predefined set of slots, allows you not to use the metacompiler. To compile and execute an application, it is enough to have only QtE5 and some DLL/SO from Qt. There is no need to install Qt.


Make app for D:
    dmd app.d qte5.d
Make app for C++:
    dmc:  dmc app.cpp qte5.cpp
    g++:  g++ app.cpp qte5.cpp -ldl

QtE5 Architecture

Short video about qte5 and ide5 in Linux
QtE5 in Mac OSX 10.10.5
Slots and signals in QtE5

QtE5 - uses the following libraries depending from OS
QtE5Widgets32.dll ---> Windows 32
QtE5Widgets64.dll ---> Windows 64 ---> Linux 32 ---> Linux 64
libQtE5Widgets64.dylib ---> OSX 10.5 64

The most actual version for Windows 32 (QtE5Widgets32.dll) as on it the basic working out and testing is conducted.

screen Windows 32. Hello World. screen OS X Yosemite 64. Mini browser witch QWebEngineView.