Open Source CAN bus Analyser and Simulation Software
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Open Source CAN bus Analyser and Simulation Software


  • Multithreading makes the Can-Trace happy without any data lost
  • CAN-Trace will be saved in a file
  • Listing of CAN objects including statistical analysis
  • Recording of individual CAN-Bus errors, only Tiny-CAN IV-XL hardware supports this
  • CAN-signals displayed as gauges, 7-Segment Displays and LEDs
  • Filter function: known/ unknown/ all messages
  • Application of a transmit-list, own transmit-button for each message
  • Saving and loading of transmit-list directly from file
  • Automatic transmit via timer, trigger message and RTR demand
  • Copying of received messages directly into the transmit-list

Supported hardware:

  • CAN USB adapter: Tiny-CAN I-XL – Tiny-CAN IV-XL, Tiny-CAN M2
  • CAN EIA-232 adapter: Tiny-CAN M232
  • All hardware (USB and EIA-232) compatible to SLCAN (Serial CAN Protokoll), i.e. CANUSB from LAWICEL or USBtin from fischl

The program has been developed object-orientated in the language Pascal (Delphi 7). The access to the CAN dongle is based on the Delphi „Tiny-CAN“ component through the Tiny-CAN API. All used components are enclosed to the package as sources.

Please note: The Tiny-CAN module should be run with the original firmware only.