MIMIC Code Repository: Code shared by the research community for the MIMIC-III database
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MIMIC Code Repository

This is a repository of code shared by the research community. The repository is intended to be a central hub for sharing, refining, and reusing code used for analysis of the MIMIC critical care database. To find out more about MIMIC, please see: https://mimic.physionet.org

How to contribute

Our team has worked hard to create and share the MIMIC dataset. We encourage you to share the code that you use for data processing and analysis. Sharing code helps to make studies reproducible and promotes collaborative research. To contribute, please:

We encourage users to share concepts they have extracted by writing code which generates a materialized view. These materialized views can then be used by researchers around the world to speed up data extraction. For example, ventilation durations can be acquired by creating the ventdurations view in etc/ventilation-durations.sql.

Coding style

Please refer to the style guide for guidelines on formatting your code for the repository.

Building MIMIC automatically

A Makefile build system has been created to facilitate the building of the MIMIC database, and optionally contributed views from the community. Please refer to the Makefile guide for more details.