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Misc mortality and other stuff

This repository contains code of various examples related to mortality and Bayesian models. It started out just US mortality examples but now is just a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff.

  • acs ACS related, currently just a tidycensus example
  • babynamesapp code for baby names shiny app:
  • birthweight_bayes_viz code related to the Bayes Viz blog post.
  • CA_county_example contains code to fit a subnational mortality model to estimate age-specific death rates in california over 1999-2016.
  • letters: An E and H made with ggplot and generative art.
  • lifspan_variation looks at standard deviation in age at death across US states
  • lifetable_sim code for this Shiny app:
  • plot_tree.R plots a year's worth of git commits in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • stata_labels R code to parse Stata label definitions
  • us_hmd_example shows how you can plot highest and lowest life expectancy over time using data from the United States Mortality Database:
  • world_maternal_crvs not state mortality at all, but a global map of the intersection of maternal mortality and CRVS data coverage


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