A kitchen informational display using Raspberry Pi
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A kitchen informational display using Raspberry Pi

This is my build of a Raspberry Pi Kitchen interface for displaying information, home automation and more.

The code for the page was originally found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5OF6tn-Ccg&index=2&list=FLTo55-kBvyy5Y1X_DTgrTOQ&ab_channel=RiquezJP

Thanks to RiquezJP for getting this started for the world! I take no credit for the original page code and is linked in the documentation folder

The full Raspberry Pi Assembly tutorial can be found at http://blog.mkme.org/index.php/raspberry-pi-home-automation/ You can get all the parts here: http://store.mkme.org/product-category/raspberrypi/

This is what the web page looks like

The web page will cycle between YouTube live feeds, display weather and news as well as the colors will change by the time of day.

Upcoming modifications will be to include local weather radar and Twitter feeds.