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The first open source connect4 game in Opa (also called "puissance 4" in french). The application proposes an IA written in Opa to play with the server.

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tictactopa: an open-source tictactoe game written in OPA.
@licence: AGPL
@copyright: (c) MLstate - 2010-2011

For a quick start:

 1. be sure you have a working OPA configuration
 2. make
 3. ./tictactopa.exe -p 8080
 4. open your favorite web browser at: http://localhost:8080

tictactopa is written by Mathieu Barbin, with contributions from:

  Francois Pessaux
  David Rajchenbach-Teller
  Francois-Regis Sinot
  Valentin Gatien-Baron
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