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Mathematica paclet that includes many utility functions for general work & paclet development and helps with creating scientific plots.


This paclet started as a collection of useful functions and plot designs which we encountered in our daily life as students. We've polished them and made them accessible for everyone in this paclet. The paclet has since grown considerably in several areas.


For a full list of functions, see the paclet documentation in the documentation center. It features detailed descriptions and examples of every function.

The documentation is an ongoing effort. Currently, only the PacletUtils subpaclet is fully documented, with more to come The paclet is split into four sub-paclets:


General utility functions, including:

  • ImportDataset - imports files or complex file structures into one Dataset ImportDataset
  • ProgressReport - progress report with automatic range detection and estimation of remaining time ProgressReport
  • IndexedFunction - indexed # and & IndexedFunction
  • TableToTex
  • Many more


Everything related to creating nice looking plots. Polar plots are significantly more usable with this: Several bugs are fixed, including conflicts of PlotMarkers->Automatic and Joined->True, inconsistent sizes and more. The plot theme further removes the outermost tick label to prevent it from colliding with the angular axis.

  • "ForScience" - plot theme with the goal to make more publication ready figures (work in progress) ForScience
  • Jet - color scheme Jet


  • "GROMOS" - import format for files generated by the Molecular Dynamic program GROMOS
  • MoleculePlot3D - plots custom molecules, similar to the ones provided by ChemicalData MoleculePlot3D
  • Many more


Everything related to paclet development. Contains functions to automate build processes. Also contains the documentation building framework, that support creation of documentation pages. All documentation pages from the ForScience paclet are created using this framework.

  • FormatUsage - creates nicely formatted usage string FormatUsage
  • BuildPaclet - paclet build manager
  • DocumentationBuilder - builds high-quality documentation pages, just like the ones for built-in functions DocumentationBuilder
  • Many more


Latest release

  • Download the latest .paclet file from releases
  • Execute PacletInstall["path/to/paclet/ForScience-#.#.#.paclet"] (with the appropriate path and version number)
  • Package can now be loaded with <<ForScience`

Latest version

  • Download the zip (and uncompress it) of this repo or clone it to your computer
  • Open build.nb with Mathematica
  • Evaluate the notbook
  • Check in a new notebook with PacletFind[] if it is installed correctly. (correct if it apears on top of the list)


None, exept a working Mathematica version, newer than 11.1.0


Mathematica package that includes several utility functions for general work and especially creating scientific plots




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