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Block Reward: 42
Block Halving: 995000
Premine: Yes
Premine Amount: 777777
Coin Supply With Premine: 84357777
Coin Maturity: 52 Number of Blocks before a mined block can be spent
Number of Confirmations: 12 Number of blocks before a transaction is confirmed
Target Timespan in Minutes: 32 Number of minutes before difficulty of the network is re-adjusted
Target Spacing in Minutes: 8 Number of minutes it should take to mine a block
Masternode reward 54% Percentage of the block reward
Masternode Amount: 888 Amount of coins to setup a masternode
Masternode confirmations: 777 Number of transaction confirmations before a masternode can be setup.
CoinBase Maturity: 20 Blocks
Last Block With Reward: 31,840,000
Time Until Last Block 484 years, 3 months, 20 days, 21 hours