Official repository of the ISO Base Media File Format Reference Software
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This repository is the official repository for the ISO Base Media File Format Reference Software.

The ISO base media file format is published by ISO as part 12 of the MPEG-4 specifications, ISO/IEC 14496-12. As such, it implements and conforms to part of MPEG-4. This part of MPEG-4 is used heavily by standards other than MPEG-4, and this reference software is often used by the reference software for those other standards, but still provides, in those contexts, an implementation "claiming conformance to MPEG-4".

Updates to the reference software can be submitted using Pull Requests but are subject to approval by MPEG, and a formal input contribution should be submitted to MPEG.

When possible, it is preferred that separate Pull Requests for fixes/enhancements to the build system and for fixes/enhancements to the software features.